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Colorado's #1 Animal Control | Denver Wild Animal Removal and Prevention

We do a better job with animal control at a better price! Proudly servicing all of Colorado's animal control needs.


Our Services

Wildlife X Team of Colorado provides a variety of animal control and pest control related services. We offer complete services from finding and trapping to prevention and restoration!

denver animal control coloradoTrapping and Critter Removal

Wildlife X Team of Colorado are professional leaders in animal control in Denver CO and the surrounding area. We strive to humanely remove pest from your home or business fast. We prevent their return. Wildlife X Team of Colorado will get the job done right the first time without costing you an arm and leg.

free pest inspection animal controlFree Pest Inspection

Our Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report covers the entire interior and exterior of your home or business. Our Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report is free to our customers in Colorado. We will make sure we completely solve your wild animal problem for good. Schedule your free inspection today with Wildlife X Team of Colorado.

sanitation and dead animal removal serviceColorado Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals can bring about a horrible smell and bacteria. Not to mention the feces and urine of pest can contaminate your home. We offer dead animal removal services in Colorado as well as sanitation services to take care of the germs and bacteria dead animals leave behind.

restoration and repair servicesRepairs & Attic Restoration

Wild animals and pest tend to damage entry ways, walls, attics and more during the process of infesting your home or business. Wildlife X Team of Colorado will help you restore the value into your investment with our professional restoration services. We will seal entry ways and fix damage done by wild animals.

Skunk Removal Service in ColoradoCO Skunk Removal

Dead or alive we perform a full range of skunk removal services for your home or business. We perform fast and humane skunk removal and prevention.

trapping and pest removal companyDenver Raccoon Removal

Wildlife X Team of Colorado is one of the top professional raccoon removal service providers in CO. We will remove live and dead raccoons and prevent them from coming back!

Bat Removal ServicesBat Removal Colorado

Bats are a complicate thing to remove and prevent so it's best to leave it to us. We provide quick removal in a humane way and guaranteed satisfaction!

Snake Removal ServicesSnake Removal

Wildlife X Team of Colorado has extensive knowledge on the varieties of snake in Colorado and can quickly take care of your snake problem in the most appropriate manner.